At Yesoiday HaTorah our aim is to raise the aspirations of our pupils and to meet the needs of every child.  We do this by providing a well-rounded curriculum involving the Kodesh (religious) curriculum being taught in tandem with the general studies curriculum. Thus, ensuring that individual talents can be identified and nurtured, to ensure that all children experience success and reach their full potential.  Over the last decade, the school’s results and Ofsted outcomes have been very strong.

Yesoiday HaTorah has a dedicated team who work hard to reach high standards in everything they do.  A major focus in our school is to encourage the development of values, good character traits, respect and empathy.  As we strive for ever greater success, we will continue to promote unity within diversity, respecting everyone, including those who may be different.

I hope that this website will provide you with the information you require about our academies, our staff and the many activities that our children enjoy through our curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

Rabbi Yodaiken

Executive Head Teacher